These conditions can significantly impede on a persons ability to lead their life effectively, including doing their job, which potentially puts more pressure on them as well as others in the business, ultimately resulting in increased work-related stress. If we have significant challenges in our home or work life, the chances are that it has an impact on our mental health. Leaders need to ensure they are accessible – probably more so than usual. The material stuff doesnt matter. Whether you are or you arent someone who tends to bounce back quickly, regular meditation will help you avoid spiralling down a dark path.

Your goals and challenges can be the same but it’s sometimes kinder to yourself to have some goals that you can meet more easily. As soon as you know that you might need support from student services, including if you have an existing mental health condition like anxiety or depression, let them know so that you can go on the waiting list for support as soon as possible. Talking about mental health training for managers is a good step forward. Line managers and colleagues can also play a key role in identifying when you are behaving out of character, so be co-operative if your line manager approaches you. This isn’t a checklist of symptoms and students with mental health difficulties may experience all, some or none of the above. A reasonable adjustment is a change or adjustment unique to a persons needs that will enable them to do their job.

We hope to provoke conversation and thinking on how to keep wellbeing central to the workplace while organisations struggle with balancing the books, remote working and productivity concerns. Understand the perspective of the employee who is having performance issues before discussing solutions. From finances to friendships, reading to relationships, there are things you can do to manage your stress. Recent reports have discovered a crisis around mental health in the workplace today. How you create and implement your plan is up to you. The experience of being in a junior role now is much different from what it used to be.

Its a good time to look back at this list regularly and remind yourself about the positive traits that encompass you. Focus on your own goals and successes, disable distracting notifications and give yourself time to really relax. Young people are a particularly vulnerable demographic to suffer poor mental health in the workplace. Mental illness also tends to worsen othe underlying conditions. You might not be talking about it, because mental health first aid in the workplace is still a taboo subject. Of course, employers need to be allowed to run their businesses and apply formal procedures, but to do so without understanding an individuals particular personal and medical situation will rarely result in a good outcome and could expose that employer to various claims.

What is however apparent, is that the past four months has impacted on most if not all of us to some extent in terms of our mental health, causing a range of feelings as a result of the situation we have faced including feelings of fear, anger, sadness, irritability, confusion, stress, anxiety and in some cases depression. You may also want to agree how best to respond to a crisis, and what adjustments you could make to the job on a permanent basis. It could however include amendments to hours or location of work, provision of specialist equipment or the duties of the job itself. MHFA, like traditional first aid, does not claim to be a solution to workplace mental health problems. So, whats a manager to do? How should he or she think about mental health? Everyone should feel safe and supported to talk about mental health at work training with their line manager.

However, they should have baseline knowledge of tools they can use during difficult conversations and actions they can take to reduce the stigma, in addition to an understanding of mental health conditions, their prevalence and impact at work, and ways to recognize and respond to employees who may be struggling. It feels like theres a shift in our working lives towards the awareness of our teams mental health. Doing yoga, watching a film on Netflix or playing a board game with the kids are all good ways to switch off. It is important to be direct and upfront. When checking on the news, try to set this at a specific time of day and stick to it so that you arent constantly inundated with the same topic.

For more on what Acas people and others say about promoting mental health in the workplace, seeour blogs. Discussing managing and supporting mental health at work can be a good way to alleviate a difficult situation. Let yourlocal authority know if you provide care, or support someone you dont live with. This then motivates you to keep going, one small task at a time. Educating HR and not whitewashing it. It is okay to acknowledge some things that are outside of your control right now.

Its always handy to know how others keep themselves in check. That means people have periods when they are well and productive, as well as periods when they are unwell and overall functioning is low. A reaction to a difficult life event, such as bereavement, can make employers duty of care higher on the agenda. You might feel like you need to support someone alone but this isn’t the case. Globalisation has created an enormous drive to keep labour costs low. And there are different guidelines acrossEngland and Wales.